The Best Video Game of 2024 : KarmaZoo

Do you want to increase your positive energy in 2024? What if I told you that you could enjoy yourself while doing it from the comfort of your own couch? Here it is: KarmaZoo, a very cooperative online video game that gives you Karma Hearts (points) for being nice to other players.

These are the feelings of this comfortable gamer after spending the last two months on the PlayStation 5 playing KarmaZoo (both with friends and strangers).


Why is it a comfortable game?

One excellent example of a video game that’s simple to pick up and play is KarmaZoo. You may begin playing a Loop—five consecutive online levels that can be played with friends or strangers—or a Totem—a collection of minigames that can be played locally or online and are organized like a tournament—after finishing a quick and easy tutorial. Totem is undoubtedly a nice-to-have option, but I believe the majority of players will choose to play Loops, where groups of up to ten players collaborate to advance through more than 300 randomly created levels.

With just three primary buttons for hopping, singing, and using a special skill, the controls are quite basic, making it easy for even young players and those unfamiliar with video games to pick them up fast. Working with other players to finish each level before the timer goes off while simultaneously attempting to locate and collect every accessible fruit along the route to the finish line is the true challenge—and enjoyment—of the game. In addition, players may earn Karma Hearts by assisting one another along the way (imagine stepping on switches to open doors for other players to pass through or singing toward a platform to cause it to move in both vertical and horizontal directions while another player is standing on it).